The First Assertion

All about life and the first voice of redemption.

The diary of a New Bride – Welcome to the Family

It is a general idea that marriage brings a lot of changes in a guy’s life but it does too for a girl. And that too a lot. And then … Continue reading

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The diary of a new Bride – Initial days

We all say that journeys do have some destination. All journeys are destined to get over at some point of time. But, there comes a time when we go through … Continue reading

January 31, 2015 · 2 Comments

Happy Anniversary – It all began with a coffee!!

Another year and Christmas celebrations are going on and would go on till New Year. There is another reason that Christmas is very special for this blog. Christmas Eve was … Continue reading

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Another week and then Business as Usual!!

Another year is about to end and another year to begin in a week. People have already started forming their new year’s resolution. Few would want to leave few of … Continue reading

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Solitary Vacations – A Quest it is and a Quest it Would be

“Quest it is, and quest it would be. I must go on to find the solace, and embrace my inner being with my purpose in life”   Lot is said … Continue reading

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Bunch of Tulip flowers

Bunch of tulips in yellow Bunch of tulips in red A bunch soft and fresh A bunch dry and dead A life to go on A life that is gone … Continue reading

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Journey – Beginning or end – 2

The bus stopped few meters ahead of the spot from where I hailed it from. I ran towards the bus in fear of missing it again. I had been waiting … Continue reading

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Love Hurts but it Heals too

Most of us who have fallen in love at least once in our lives would agree that this life and love in particular is not a bed of roses. It … Continue reading

October 6, 2014 · 5 Comments

Evolution, revolution, and a country Reborn!

Celebrating does not only mean acknowledging something good that has happened. And it also does not only mean marking some occasion. Celebrating is about feeling happy and proud. Don’t modest … Continue reading

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A day in my Life…

                A day peeping in and peeping out in my life, A day thinking in and thinking out in my life! A day … Continue reading

September 16, 2014 · 2 Comments

Starts seem pricey, Beginnings are priceless!

Start and beginning, two words but apparently the same meaning. Although the meaning is same in literal sense but the difference lies within. Beginning has an end. Whatever begins, begins … Continue reading

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The existence and non-existence – our mind and the Universe

This universe gives us so many signals and passes on so many hidden messages. Most of the times these messages are lost in the hustle bustle of our daily lives … Continue reading

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Journey – Beginning or End?

I was reluctant to make this journey. It was not because I am not fond of travelling, but because of my nausea of Railway Stations. Although, railway stations have changed … Continue reading

September 10, 2014 · 6 Comments

TIME, the only dimension

Human race evolved millions of years ago and even before that, life evolved. Even before life evolved, earth and the solar system came into existence and even before that, the … Continue reading

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