The beauty of painting – fill that empty canvas

You know what is so amusing about painting. It does take some effort to pick the brush and color and palette. But once you start, there is no stopping. You just don’t want to put the brush down. You keep looking at your master piece and keep going on with the touch up. The strokes just don’t seem to be enough. But once you know that you have done your part, it is mesmerizing to think about what you have accomplished.

It is not only about the strokes and whether the painting is good or not. It is about letting go of emotions with every green, brown, blue, yellow or any stroke that makes its way on the canvas. It is not even the colors or technique or texture, it is about spending time with yourself. Each thing that is painted is a part of your life that was always buried deep within and is now flowing along with the colors. It is the beauty of painting that makes me think, how perfectly the colors seem to blend in one another as if one story is woven to another like an epic. Each stroke makes me think about the efforts I am putting into the day to day activities of my life. And often I pause and look at my work so far and get carried away with the memories of my own. And then I come back and add something else on the canvas. It is the beauty of painting that once the color is on the canvas, no correction can be done. It is just there and cannot be removed. It makes you change what you had been thinking so far. And suddenly you have to come up with a new way to blend that unwanted blotch. There are no mistakes in painting because mistakes are supposed to be corrected or rather mistakes are mistakes because they are to be corrected. But while painting, correction is either hiding those blotches by blending them with the surrounding by using more colors or transforming them into something, wherein we build our work around them where they become the focal point of our painting. Doesn’t it happen with us all time? Either we want our blotches to be hidden or come into focus.

The beauty of painting is how the imperfections never matter. Everything is perfect in its own right; it just depends on the way you look at it. Don’t the paintings speak their own language? Each time you look at them, there is always something different to observe and contemplate. And when you are working with the brushes and colors or even the pencils, you also tell your own story and break the lash that was holding you back. This is the beauty of painting, although it takes effort to start, but painting in itself is so soothing, so relaxing and so effortless. It is not even about colors or monochrome. It is not even about oil or acrylic. It is just letting go off your fears. It is reviving your soul, it is searching for the true you and yes, getting yourself back. So the next time, when you feel like painting or sketching, do not wait to enroll yourself to classes or worry about how it would turn out to be. Remember being human beings, it is something that is inbuilt in us. This is first thing that we ever started doing, even before developing the language or writing. So, get your colors, brushes, pencils, sketchbook ready and just start. It doesn’t really matter how it turns out be. The only thing that matters is, by the end of it, you’ll wonder it really did changed something and you were able to fill that empty canvas.


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Life goes on…

Life throws different challenges on us. Each phase, each moment in life is a journey in itself. We stumble and fall and then get up and start again. And this is how life goes on. Each journey either rejuvenates us or leaves us more corroded. And we keep on sifting through these hitches to reach some place for something; but we are not sure what it is. We spend our entire life running, pushing, sprinting blindly for something that we would realize after some years, wasn’t even ours to fulfill.

Most of us start our journey in this universe by bidding to someone else’s wishes and end this journey with nothing but leaving behind a lot of things to be done by someone else. Our entire life we try to fit in and exist in the places where our physical being exists but we don’t. We switch roles, we play different parts. In one life that we live, we live many lives. We change and adapt to the changing times. Our expectation change with time, and the things expected out of us also change with our expectations and demands. Those who do not adapt to the changing life are not able to cope up with the transition from one phase of life to another.

Given a choice, I would want to change for better but what if I am not given a choice and things are out of hands before I know; there is risk of something being terribly wrong. On one side it is good to be able to accept the change as inevitable condition. But sometimes it is perfectly safe and appropriate to say ‘No’. When the change in the circumstances is forcing you to change, not only you can disagree to change but you can also change the condition to forcing you to accept that change and altogether change that circumstance. This contemplation is not easy and involves difficult decision making. It is very easy to foresee and accept that the things are out of hands and nothing more can be done to improve the present situation but very difficult to comprehend and form a plan to improve this undesirable situation.

Transformation is not easy. Often a spark initiates the need to transform. This spark transforms into fire which marks the beginning of a revolution. This fire engulfs all those who are connected with that thought or spark and transforms each individual from within. But only a handful of people realize this transformation and they are the ones who are the revolutionaries, the crusaders and martyrs. Rest of us just move along with the flow and spend our lives running blindly and don’t realize what our true destiny ever was. And one fine day, after our part is done, we go off stage and let the other people play their parts. We don’t notice the small things that may make a big difference. We wonder at the obvious and ignore the wonderful. And this is how the life goes on.


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To Strike a Perfect Balance

What is an achievement? Is achievement getting your biggest wish fulfilled? How would you rate the thing that you want the most as more important than the thing that you needed the most? Is there any end to what you want and what you need? Sitting on my couch I am thinking that I have achieved what I wanted. I have a successful career. A nice comfy home. A very special person in my life. I am my own boss. I exercise my own will in the smallest and the most significant of things in my life. And yet when I think about one happy moment in the past day, or past week or even the past month, I remember only blankness. Do these happy memories only include the expensive gifts that I got or the achievements consist of appreciations that I received at work. Or is getting more than 100 likes on my selfie an achievement? For many people it surely is.

If the above questions are making you think, then you are also stuck in a life when there is a small difference between living your life and fighting in a combat. We are in the age where a person’s joviality is determined on the basis of how many friends are connected to his social networking profile although he might not even know his own neighbour. We make friends after checking out their specs and also look out for warranty of friendship with them. Friendship also comes with terms and conditions applied with the disclaimer of warranty being void in case of physical damage. We date human beings as if we are on a shopping spree and check out what is in the store before stocking our rails and then choose the best to wear for the day. We do not refrain from checking if the color and shape would suit us and if the fabric is wrinkle free and minimum maintenance is required. We often don’t understand it is not the clothes we put on, it is us, just us that carries the value. Relationships are not the clothes that you can choose to fit you. Relationships are not even flat piece of fabric that you need to tailor to form a dress. Relationship is the air that you breathe in. It just exists with you and you live in it.

It is beautiful to have someone special in your life. It is a wonderful feeling to fall in love. But life strikes a hard blow when this love is tested with intricacies of this cruel world. When practicality embarks on the road of love, even the most mushiest of people fall apart. And it all happens when you gradually start believing that the love is the only thing that exists in your fairy tale of a life. After a span of time, it is not even love anymore. It is as if nothing else is there to be done apart from loving each other. You become distant from everything else. A word of caution! You are definitely hitting the wrong note here. There is so much you are missing out. The greatest thing that you are missing out is your ‘self’. The key to turn your life around is to be able to strike a perfect balance. Your love-life should never ever pull you down. It should rather be your support system. It should be the shoulder you cry on. On the contrary it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t change or adjust a bit for your loved one. Being selfish would never help.

It all comes down to this. If I am someone being envied by many, I wouldn’t consider it as an achievement if on most weekends I end up crying myself to sleep. I would rather be a person next door, valued by friends, cared by family and loved by my love. Then I would consider it my achievement in life when I am able to strike a perfect balance.

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Love is in the Air

Not a week has passed since the Valentine’s Day, people are still recovering from the after- affects. Love is in the air everywhere. But, how many actually feel the true love. And, for the true lovers, is one single day enough for expressing that love. After New Year’s Eve and Christmas, Valentine’s Day is the most wished occasion. How ironic, when there was so much love, valentine’s day was not so popular but now when  valentine’s day is so popular, true love is next to impossible to find.

The next amusing thing to observe on any valentine’s day is the sudden rush to get someone in your life. The next rush is to make things formal. If you love someone why would you take the risk to wait for months just to get your feelings known to the only person that you admire?  What if on the very day (Valentine’s Day) you are to find out that the same person is already engaged to someone else? So, here’s a piece of advice, don’t wait for calendar to change and after doing basic homework, go get it. But that does not mean that you think the person is only your trophy and the only reason that he/she should say no to you should be her/him being engaged with someone else. If someone proposes me, I perfectly have all rights reserved to say ‘no’ on any reason known or unknown.

Also, not all relationships finalize. Valentine’s Day is also the day when half of the people are left heartbroken. Why would anyone wait for Valentine’s Day to break into someone the news for breakup, just because your girlfriend or boyfriend is the most happiest that day, that he/she would bear the pain sportingly. Well guys! Here’s the catch! He or she is happiest thinking about you people being together but the news about break-up would definitely come as a shock. Hence, break ups on Valentine’s Day or someone’s birthday is definitely a very bad idea.

There’s a thin line between friendship and something else. And if you are married, choose your friends carefully. Or at least conduct yourself with dignity. For a married gentleman, texting your female colleagues or friends on weekends or asking her to accompany you on your day off to trade fair or music concert will definitely not sound agreeable to your wife. When you knowingly or unknowingly start talking to this friend of yours on daily basis or try to match your coffee breaks with her, you are already crossing this line. For you these might be trifles, but for your wife or someone else it could be a big deal. All the more, you are creating a bad impression on your friend itself. No one likes married guys hitting on anyone or at least seem to be hitting on anyone.

Marriage is a beautiful thing. You could be married to someone with your will or against your will. Even, if your marriage was a result of any kind of unusual circumstances, that doesn’t give you license to ogle into people’s lives and try to treat your wife as wallpaper and keep adorning your life with one tryst or the other. Often married people complain that the certain person, who is involved with them in extra activities, gave them their consent and were partner in crime. But at the same time they try to be all happy and nice with their spouse always scared that their spouse would find out about these activities. Don’t you think, in these cases the responsibility lies mostly with the people who are venturing for new opportunities outside of their marriage? It sure does, and here married guys trying to hit on all the available single ladies are worth mentioning. Similarly, the thought of married ladies flirting with single guys is also horrible.

Love is in the air. Everyone is so happy and cheerful. But, how much of it is actual true love? And does true love actually need all this hype with all the gifts, dress-codes, celebrations. Is love only confined to just red color? If I love someone, not just one day, but my entire life would fall short to feel, express and live in that love. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want to celebrate our love with my ‘someone special’ on Valentine’s Day.

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Live and let Live

The never ending debate of choices and common phenomenon of giving free advises is so usual. There is at least one person in our lives who would act as a dear friend but in one sugar coated conversation will negate each of the single habits that we own. It is very depressing being in the company of such people. They are our well-wishers who would never wish us to be well. Often, in conversations with such people, anecdotes on what to eat, what not to, what to wear and what not to; wriggles in between of sentences. They would notice everything from how much sugar you add to your tea to the latest watch that you put on. Nothing ever leaves their super sensory eyes. And, just to irritate you, they would always have something to speak on anything which might not make sense most of the times.

Basic manners are something which is a must in every individual. My being unhygienic, erratic or chaotic cannot be termed as my exercising my choice to live as I want. But, if I am vegetarian, it doesn’t mean I have to face the debate with each eggtarian or carnivorous human being to justify my eating habits. I might be vegetarian by birth, by choice or by the fact that I am animal activist and cannot imagine a vertebrate on my plate. If I don’t get many options to eat in veggies, that is my concern which needs to be answered by me. If I have been successfully able to satisfy my hunger and basic necessity of feeding myself to live for the half of my life, I can certainly do that for the other half. Similarly my taking alcohol or not taking any either shouldn’t give my character sketch. As long as my conduct does not mean any disrespect and affect any other individual, no one should come to me pointing, my habits and choices.

Human beings feel comfortable in living in a society. With time, society has formed some rules, which have been laid by the general consensus of selected individuals chosen by the society itself. Even this term “selected or select” is misinterpreted. The “selected” people, who are given some authority by society, believe them to be “select” and superior and don’t shy away from misusing their authoritative powers to their own benefit and boast their selectiveness as their birthright. Some people live in this bubble, that they are select few which gives them every power to find faults in others and make their life miserable. Again, no one can be perfect. It takes a huge courage to respect the people along with their imperfections.

Things those seem simple in the first look; require more work to be done underneath. If you are really want to justify your being humane, have courage to step out of your bubble, respect other individuals and their choices, leave the decision to right or wrong to the law and governing bodies. Finally, live and let live!

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