People who shout a lot at you are like dragons. They may blow your head off by the fire that they throw out, but, that may be their idea of hiding their inner secrets. A person would be harsh on two kind of people. One, whom they really dislike and others of whom they are really scared of. When this kind of notion gets mixed with slightest amount of authority, the combination is extremely dangerous. The golden rule is that do not fall into the trap when someone sounds extra demanding or overtly amicable.

Some people feel so weak within and god has gifted them with great sense of self respect which at times turns out to be their ego. These people would never slip their weakness, instead they would cover up by just being more and more loud. It happens with most of us that in circumstances as normal as being sleep deprived or feeling hungry, that we tend to loose our calm. We feel weak at those moments and become boiling hot when we get any prey near us to pour down our anger. And, then we act like those dragons and start spitting the fire.

If ever you feel that you are becoming edgy and not able to control your temper, start looking back, its time you gather yourself to transform your weakness into strength. Do not only feel about things you have not got, think also about the filled part of the glass. And, remember that people do not like the dragons, they detest them.