An idea is nothing but a thought well perceived by our mind. Most of the people raise questions promptly on these perceived thoughts. Then this idea comes in question regarding its own usability. And sometimes due to our own pre-assumptions, we take our steps back. But what is success without taking risks.

If we just do or follow what is prototyped and conventionally being followed, what accountability we will add. Creativity gives way to innovation and innovation gives birth to creativity. Eventually creativity and innovation, both go hand in hand.

It is evident that, when there is outrage of emotions, good amount of energy is released. This energy when used for meaningful purposes yields extra-ordinary results. And, eventually something wonderful is created.

It is human behaviour to ask for confirmation. Even if we are in need of something to be done, and we are aware that this is the only thing that can be done in the present situation, we want to look back and ask for confirmation to anyone near us. Whether it be just saying something to someone or purchasing something. We just seek that small nod that indicates a yes. What if we do not get a yes, we will do that thing anyway. But for our own peace, we need confirmation from somebody.

If it is your own idea, come on, be responsible for it. There is no need to reel back and go about asking for confirmation from anyone. If the idea works, then these people would credit for helping you out. If it does not, it is your failure because it is your own idea anyway. The core is not to loose your identity and believe in wonderful organ called brain that you have got.