Buying a new house or deciding on what to wear for a party, we always think a lot. Reason? What would others think about it? How often we do not do something which we like a lot just because we have that others trauma in our mind? The answer is almost in everything. Since pre-historic times, man has always been a social animal. We spend our entire life living with the society. But, that does not mean that you kill the person in you and live thinking about what others would think, all the time.

Before taking a decision, ask yourself, what would suit you the best? It is not intelligent to spend more on something just to show off to your neighbours and live your entire life in debt. A person should decide keeping in mind his or her own convenience.

Life is made of risks, we go to bed everyday not knowing in what shape we will wake up but we have this positive trust inside us that everything would be fine.

Life without any challenges is very boring. And if we do not accept challenges and take risks, life becomes really stagnant.

And, if you feel the urge to do something, you should not curb it. There is no harm in taking risks if you can handle the after-affects. Come on, take a plunge and let yourself go. Do what you like and stop thinking about the others. There is more to life than worrying about these little trifles. And before this life dumps you, set your sail high and complete your little voyages before it is too late and you start suffocating in marsh of your own regrets.