How many of us trust in mystical arts like Tarot reading, oracle and horoscopes. I would say, nearly half of the worlds population. Why and how do the planetary motions affect us? Whatever I get, is it in written in my fate? Complex questions, vague answers.

Each one of us have their own wish-list. And all of us want to make the most of our lives. It is in-wired human tendency to make excuses. We remember to do things for others but tend to forget or defer the things for ourselves. We are all manufactured like this.

If someone asks me to lend some money, I might deny. But rather than spending that money on myself I will save it for some other time. Eventually I will loose it somehow. The thing is, we are so lazy for ourselves that we end up in losses waiting for something better to happen with us. But in reality, you don’t just open your eyes in the morning and see yourself as waking up a prince. Baby… you have just gotto go and get it.

It is not just some goal setting exercise. It is a slow motion thought process. Have the burning desire within yourself. Stop seeing dreams. You always forget them when you wake up. But a bit of day dreaming would not hurt. Many of us are so busy that we do not have those moments when we are not doing anything. Take some time out for yourself. Introspect.

If you have already started a bit of day dreaming and still you do not see yourself moving anywhere, do not mock your meagre effort and have some realization. Only dreaming or having wishes would not help. Do some research. Take small steps. For instance if you want to start a new business, think what can you do differently from all others who are already established in the market. Similarly, if you want to shine at your workplace, start managing your work and think how you can contribute to improve the business for your employer. Choice is yours, either keep on doing the work you are doing or take it to the next dimension.

Remember, be contented with what you have but do not be satisfied. Once you are satisfied, the desire to achieve something will die forever. Opportunities are roaming around in front of your own eyes. You have to set your own alarm and wake up and grab them. Reality check, only few of us have the brave heart to change our own fate. Decide for yourself, go go go, get it…