We wake up every morning and go to sleep every night. It’s our routine everyday. And during the day many things happen with us. Eventually days pass by and we start panicking when we watch the clock it is already past 4 p.m. on a Sunday. We never want to go to sleep on a Saturday night, but Sunday evening is exactly the opposite. We want to ensure that we comfortably rest before…

And then we wake up and “Oh God it’s Monday”. Have you ever thought why you always have this Monday fever? Is it something to do with lack of planning? To certain extent, yes. In fact, this has got something to do with how our psychology works. People work best when they are under pressure, but that does not mean, that they do not need rest. Everything takes some time to settle in. Whether it’s your mind or your new bike.

The Monday fever has more to do with our stepping into a comfort level during weekend and then the sudden realization of a busy schedule during the week. General misconception is that people who love their work do not have this Monday fever and Mondays come as unwelcome notion to people who do not like their work. But Monday can be equally cruel to just anybody from a high school teenager to middle aged professional.

The question is how do I compose myself if I find myself in the trap of this Monday panic? The answer is very simple but may be difficult to follow. Taking small but frequent breaks would really help. You should take out some time for yourself daily and not just during the weekend. It is human tendency that we do not take ourselves seriously. Hence, we over-exert during the week and weekend off does not seem enough for covering up for this exertion.

We can take care of our body by taking adequate sleep but do we do anything about nurturing our mind. Most of us do not. Albeit because of our mind, we are not just any living thing, but human beings. Nourishing your mind may seem a very vague term. But, if we spend some time doing things we like we are actually taking care of our little friend. These things may just be listening to some good music, or reading some good stuff. For some people it may also be some game or sport that they enjoy. So friends, give some time to yourself, beat your stress and not only nurture your body, but nurture your mind also, and say good bye to this “Oh God it’s Monday”.