When I go to office, every day I pass through this apartment number 14th on the 2nd floor. They have put this small rose plant in a pot near their gate. My apartment is on the 3rd floor. I do not prefer to use the elevator and prefer climbing down the stairs. I have a policy for myself; I do not know how my rest of the day is going to be, so I try to start my day with a smile.

Today also when I was going to office, I saw this little girl standing on the gate of apartment no. 14. Today also she was holding her crutches. I was climbing the stairs thinking about my own things. Unconsciously or out of my daily habit I glanced at potted rose plant. The little girl waved her hand at me. I smiled in surprise and stopped. I heard the cracking sound of her crutch as she tried to move from her station. I went to help her but she bent on rose plant and plucked a flower. She handed over that flower to me and said thank you and happy rose day. I became more surprised with this gesture and asked her for what she was thanking me. She replied, that most of the people use the lift. Most of them are so busy with their lives, they seldom smile and are always tensed. Whenever she sees me smiling and climbing down the stairs, she gets strength to never get upset and live her life smiling. She feels a hope that one day she will also be able to climb down the stairs like me.

I was amazed and touched by her explanation. I never thought that by smiling I am not only doing myself good, but I never knew that my smile can also act as tonic for someone else. I thanked her for the rose and climbed rest of the stairs praying to god for this little girl to be able to climb the stairs and lead her life normally.