Why do we have to feel crushed all the time when something doesn’t work according to us? Why cannot we push ourselves and be determined to find the root cause and resolve the problem in hand. It becomes really difficult when things get piled up and then we suddenly realize that situation is already going out of our hands. Excess is a virtue and a vice. We all love a taste of opportunity, but with opportunity comes its own responsibility. We all feel lucky to have certain opportunity in hand but, when the time comes for real action, we feel impoverished and curse everything we can think of and start the quest of finding something someone to blame on.

It is said that weeds grow more towards roots but are less visible above the ground. Likewise, hiccups should be treated at the beginning before roots grow and shake your foundation. What maybe visible, may not be the truth. A bit of digging in and sifting through is advisable. A man is his own creator and destroyer. Hence, before trusting on anyone else’s words or sheer assumption, first ensure yourself and be own guarantor. At the end of the day, you would have lived your life and would not have anyone to blame or anything to regret.