The other day I was reading an article about schizophrenia. It is a mental disorder in which a person suffering from this disorder detaches himself from reality and forms his own world. One of the reasons for this disorder is early adulthood.

Turn around yourself and observe various people fighting with their lives. Young professionals giving their whole life to their work only to think about carrier progress. And this progress is not the overall progress that involves complete well being but this progress only involves running after materialistic commodities. Luxury is not luxury but it is necessity. Day starts with sms alert notification for account balance in your bank account and you start feeling humiliated that it is so less. And your day ends with performance stats at your office with tensions for increasing your earnings because our account balance never seems to be enough.

When we were children, shoes were just to cover our feet and save us from the dirty roads and enabled us to walk in heat and cold. Now we speak brands. Some pairs just come for merely five hundred bucks, some even for fifty thousand. The final goal is the collector’s edition of any pristine and premium designer label that says price on request making them priceless possessions.

In older times, when we were studying at primary school, only love, feelings, respect, tenderness, knowledge and wisdom were priceless. We are so much stuck with the logic of our system these days that we have come so far from reality.

All of us are schizophrenics in one way or the other. Slowly, the days pass by and we become bored of our routine. Eventually, there comes a breaking point in our life when we realize the actual reality and want to do all that we always wanted to do in our life. When we share our thoughts with someone, we are termed as what medical science calls schizophrenics and the mechanical people who are away from the real reality, run the society.