The day was not as eventful as I had thought and I had come home completely disheartened. I was expecting an appreciation from the client. But, not everyone is lucky to have the kind of boss that they want. He simply accepted the fault that was never ours resulting in client yelling at us both rather than provide the appreciation.
It was evening and the sun had set few minutes ago. The sky was purplish orange and very beautiful but I was in no mood to admire natures beauty. I was immersed in the tea that I was using to drain my frustration. I heard small and funny clip clop. I opened my window and put my hand outside to confirm the coming rain drops. Yes, it had started to rain. The first rain of the season.
This rain was teaching me a lesson. A lesson of transformation and continuity. Water evaporates and leaves the land barren. And the rivers dry. And then the same water drips down from the sky in the form of rain. Many times in our lives, we feel that our happiness has become dry like that river. But seasons do change and happiness eventually rains down on us. But at this time I am not admiring this rain because I am completely absorbed in my life’s tensions. Most of the times we do not realize that universe is raining down all the happiness on us. Because we always care for that which we haven’t got.
I am again looking out of the window. I quickly finish my tea and resolute not to fret on small things. My entire life and career does not depend on not getting a single client appreciation or ignorance of my boss. I open the door and step out to welcome the rain with open arms. Somewhere in the back of my mind I think that I would be able to wash my pain in the rain.