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Be Strong, Think!

Have you ever thought what does it take to be strong? Many of us would say a strong will power. Well, this is somewhat true but this strong will power comes from a strong self control. Yes, self control is the key. This is the self control of not to give in, in front of all odds. This is the self control to give up the alluring temptations and do the right thing at the right moment. And yes, this is the self control to stop at the right place and think!

We all lead a normal life. We all follow a simple routine. And yet there are so many things that seem simple but may symbolize something really strong and firm. How many times have you said to yourself, ‘Now come on, I need to grab a cup of coffee!’ Not that this coffee is so important. It is this expression in itself that carries all the importance. When you are stuck with something really complex, you need a space to think about it from a different angle. And this coffee break gives you this space. Truly, when there is a knot to be undone, you need to find an open to hold on to the string and undo it. When you are occupied with a lot of tasks, everything seems so muddled and cluttered. This is the time when you should stop and think. Give yourself few seconds, draw a mind map and prioritize. Be strong to create this space for yourself, take a few seconds off and kick back with a force.

Dear friends, life is rich with such small and apparently insignificant things. So control your life, appreciate small things and not just let your life control you. Be strong, Think!


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