I have so much from then and still I feel so low. Back then, the resources were few but everything had its own importance. Every small piece was so essential and worth too much. But now, when everything is easily accessible, even the biggest of things have lost their importance. Attachment is just in passing. Love is an activity. It always starts with holding hands and ends with a “nothing personal, no strings attached”. How can someone devote so much to someone and not have slightest thought, the tiniest bit of attachment. How is it possible not to think when you become so much involved emotionally. And then there is this thing called, “being practical”. You take out your heart and put it aside and throw out your soul and then say you are being practical. This is what it is.  For people, this is not the feeling called love. It is a logical process. Where instead of seeing the best of your partner, you see what is the best you can see from your partner.  And then you don’t have to think. Because in this logical and practical process thinking is completely forbidden. And there is a concrete reason as to why this thinking is forbidden. If you think, you would tend to ask questions. But these questions do not have answers. There are some unsaid things which are to better left unsaid (for some people at least). And then there is the expectations part. Because after thinking, the other thing which is strictly forbidden is any kind of expectations. Because in so called “being practical love” there are only exchanges but no expectations. Everything hurts and everything leaves you in crumbles and still you are supposed to enjoy your life and live every moment. There is someone special to share everything with but often you are alone and thinking and left to discuss all the non sense trash because you were not supposed to think in the first place. And then there are clashes and conflict of interests, when you eventually reach the brim and err to share your “feelings”.

Well…feelings are something that are never to be shared. It takes a lot of time to put the thoughts into words and you often end up risking testing the patience of the other person. And when this happens, remedial actions are always painful. You have to come up with creative measures to try to be practical again in front of other person and at the same time build a castle of lies to hide your own true “feelings”. Love is such a wonderful thing. It is very easy and casual to say those three words but it takes a lifetime to live it. It is not always sacrifice. It is to understand with few words and yet say all those things while leaving them unsaid at the same time. It takes a super courage to think and live and love. But, if the “feelings” haunt you, there is always an option of being practical.