“I hate my life. I wish I had someone to talk to, someone who would just listen to me. It looks like everyone in this whole world has something or the other to do and I am the only person who isn’t occupied in anything useful”.

It all starts with these few lines. It happens to most of the people at some point of their life when they realize they have reached a stand-still. There are two paths leading to unknown. The destination could be same or different. But the destination itself doesn’t count, but the path only matters. Leaving everything aside and coming back to the point, what counts for a person trying to lead a normal life? What does it mean to be happy? You have a good and stable career, you have got a good number of friends, you have got a nice stable relationship but still you are not happy. The question is why? When should I stop asking more? What does it mean to reach the Brim and stop trying to fight for your existence? You have got a nice and stable career and people are jealous of you. They congratulate you on your face but behind your back would cook up conspiracies. It is human nature and not under your control and you are sensible enough not to go bragging about it. It is the way they are. You have hundreds of friends on social networking sites but the fact depresses you so much that when you want someone at your side who would listen to you, you don’t find a name to reach out to. Cellphone phone book doesn’t help either.

The last resort is your relationship, which is supposed to take you out of all this misery but how ironical, this is the very reason your life is miserable in the first place. Communication is the key. Although there would be times when you would think that your partner does not pay attention to you. There are times when you are feeling lonely and are brooding over your relationship, alone in the house and your partner is out, partying with friends. The commitment in the relationship feels falsified. But this is what commitment is all about. Living and let live. Giving space to your partner and not complain because that’s not his problem if you don’t have a life. It is precisely not his problem if your friends have their own life and would not hang out with you. His friends, his activities and his time are more important. You are not supposed to commit the crime of complaining even if you have to spend all the weekends alone shut in the house. The thing that is expected out of you is keep a straight face, smile and be calm. Engage yourself in constructive time consuming activities which you were not able to do before, because of lack of time. You have patiently waited for so long, there is no harm in waiting some more. Work on yourself. There is nothing in this world as comparable to being able to spend some time alone with yourself and just introspect. Do things that you like. Condition your thought process. Lastly, forgive, but don’t forget.