Holidays! Wow! Wonderful time of the year when we suddenly remember the worth of spending time with our family. This is the time when we think that the year is going to end and with it so many wishes, promises and the things we wanted to do. Last year and not a day before the world was going to end in 2012 but after an year has already passed to this speculation, everyone is wondering where did 2013 actually go. Truly, time passes by so quickly, it always surprises us that there is always something that we wanted to do this year, but it would have to be left incomplete.

This time of year, people already start being creative with the list of resolutions that they would take with the onset of the New Year. But, as the countdown begins on the night of 31st, major part of these resolutions gets washed down. Do we really have to rely on the discipline of our lives based only on these year-end resolutions? Or, is it better to set our lives right any time of the year?

Entire year, we are lost somewhere in our own world, struggling in our own lives. Neglecting the people who matter to us and care for us and running after those instead who we desire but who never would care for the fact that we exist. And the irony of all this is, often, we underestimate ourselves and get lured into the glittering side of someone who doesn’t even deserve our focus. Eventually, we feel betrayed and used when the reality bangs on our head. When someone really loves you, you would never have to feel inferior, whatever be the differences between two individuals. Love does not start with a good morning and end with a good night. Love is not about kisses and hugs. Love is not about shopping together and watching movies. Love is about being with each other and finding in the other person, the true companion. The true soul-mate, who would always be the shoulder you cry on and the support system you always look forward to.

Don’t just run after the things that catch your attention. Try to go for some substance instead. Otherwise, every year in the last week of December, you would be forming a new list of resolutions just to be washed out before the clock strikes midnight. So, just shake your spirit and churn your thoughts and take a new year’s resolution to value yourself and set your life right whenever there is a slightest hitch and not wait for another new year for a crisis to happen. And lastly, wish yourself a very happy new year and a calm and peaceful life ahead.