Why do I think?

Think about all that is gone

Gone are the times

Times when you shone

Shone in my heart

Heart doesn’t feel

Feel anything that it used to

To where am I headed?

Headed I don’t know

Know or not, doesn’t count

Count the days, weeks and months

Months convert to years

Years will go by, in vain

In vain I think of what?

What is gone is gone

Gone is your existence

Existence is mere shadow

Shadows haunt me

Me and you, we were together

Together is the thing of past now

Now is the time to know what’s gone

Gone are your memories

Memories remind of our vows

Vows are meant to be broken

Broken with pain I am now

Now does it matter to you?

You didn’t care then, wouldn’t now

Now I don’t want to dwell in past

Past is what is gone…