There are only few days left to the New Year 2014. And when I reflect upon how did 2013 go, so many things come to my mind. 2013 was an year of speculation. An year in which people did not worry about wars and violence but about the dwindling economies. The countries that sailed through the last recession broke up in 2013. People did not worry about the third world countries much but were concerned about new versions of IOS and Android. This kept me thinking about the new trend that the world is following these days. On one hand we are united in the face of technology, on the other hand, even the most disciplined of the establishments are losing their charm.

It is the people who rule the world. We are our own celebrities and in our own might. Often movie stars bow before corporate tycoons. Power lies in the hands of the workforce. In the time to come the country which can optimally utilize their workforce can rule the world in rational terms. The other significant part is the awareness and participation of general masses in fighting against what is not right. Older generations always blame the youth for lack of conduct and values but it is mostly the youth these days, who play a key role in throwing the non-functional system out of picture. The youth of today is resilient towards what is nonsensical. They believe in their acquired skills and not just passing on the authority. They believe in retaliating to being taken for granted. It is the peak of consumerism, when I would not accept something if I am given less than what is promised to me.  And I believe this is just the beginning of an era which would see the humans in a different mold. The new generation might not seem to have their values intact, but they certainly know how to respect and bridges cross cultural gaps and, claim the basic right of “right to live”. They are not ready to compromise but always ready to help someone in need without thinking about the differences in social status and financial situation.

With a positive thought in my mind, I welcome 2014 which might not look very promising considering the shift the world is going through, but is equally promising considering the fact that our humanity is intact and will remain as it is for the years to come as our faith does not rely nowadays on outdated beliefs which have lost all meanings and relevance but to our confidence and the wave of enthusiasm to truly make a difference.