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The story of Pedaling

How many of us have felt trapped in our lives bidding to the wishes of others. Certainly, at one time or the other, this phase has come in our lives when we feel suffocated because we are following someone else’s orders through, juggling with irrelevant demands just for the sake of not hurting the other person. And those people are just pedaling and operating our lives.

“I did not want a corporate job, but my parents dreamt of me being settled with one”. “I wanted to meet my friends but have to go and watch a movie with my girlfriend”. These are just small examples. Although you are doing great in your lives, but there is always this small glitch, a small thought that doesn’t go amiss even if you are in best of your times with those people, that someone else is always pedaling your life. But, what is the use of even thinking about these things and feeling suffocated if you have already come to terms with your life. If you never take a stand, things are not going to change.

At times you yourself are pedaling someone else’s life. You don’t try to think about the other person as someone with near human feelings and would only care about how everything should be just perfect. Perfection doesn’t mean that feelings are to be forsaken and superiority just achieved by making the other person feel inferior. This is absolutely immoral and cruel. There is nothing which is 100 % perfect. Imperfections have their own beauty and charm. Imperfections shouldn’t be blamed, what should be blamed is the general misdemeanor and misconduct.

Respect to society is important, more important is the respect to an individual. Even if it is your own kid, your neighbor, your employee or your spouse. How less they seem to you in any terms, you don’t have the right to make them feel inferior. It diminishes your accomplishments. What you have accomplished is something that you wanted and worked for. It doesn’t mean that the other person is not working for something that they wanted. You feel accomplished because other people acknowledge and respect what you have achieved. Not because you are over achiever and that they are just a piece of rag. If you have to feel superior, follow your social responsibility to help those who need you rather than showing off where it is not even required. Pedal your own life. There is a superior power who already conducts the universe. You don’t have to operate someone else’s life behind the veil of caring for them.

Everyone has the right to live unless it doesn’t affect someone else. If you really have to do something good in this world and exercise your right to live, let others take control of their own lives themselves and end this story of pedaling.


4 comments on “The story of Pedaling

  1. taurusingemini
    December 29, 2013

    It is very important, to get with the game, but, one mustn’t give up one’s own values, just to fit the demands of how society wants the person to be or to act, that, would be one of the difficulties, being a human being, to live one’s own life, with the pressures of demands from the outside world…

    • thefirstassertion
      December 29, 2013

      Very well said. Indeed there are situations in life when we have to bow before the demands of others. My message is to both peddlers and the people who are being peddled.

  2. Natisha
    February 11, 2014

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