The never ending debate of choices and common phenomenon of giving free advises is so usual. There is at least one person in our lives who would act as a dear friend but in one sugar coated conversation will negate each of the single habits that we own. It is very depressing being in the company of such people. They are our well-wishers who would never wish us to be well. Often, in conversations with such people, anecdotes on what to eat, what not to, what to wear and what not to; wriggles in between of sentences. They would notice everything from how much sugar you add to your tea to the latest watch that you put on. Nothing ever leaves their super sensory eyes. And, just to irritate you, they would always have something to speak on anything which might not make sense most of the times.

Basic manners are something which is a must in every individual. My being unhygienic, erratic or chaotic cannot be termed as my exercising my choice to live as I want. But, if I am vegetarian, it doesn’t mean I have to face the debate with each eggtarian or carnivorous human being to justify my eating habits. I might be vegetarian by birth, by choice or by the fact that I am animal activist and cannot imagine a vertebrate on my plate. If I don’t get many options to eat in veggies, that is my concern which needs to be answered by me. If I have been successfully able to satisfy my hunger and basic necessity of feeding myself to live for the half of my life, I can certainly do that for the other half. Similarly my taking alcohol or not taking any either shouldn’t give my character sketch. As long as my conduct does not mean any disrespect and affect any other individual, no one should come to me pointing, my habits and choices.

Human beings feel comfortable in living in a society. With time, society has formed some rules, which have been laid by the general consensus of selected individuals chosen by the society itself. Even this term “selected or select” is misinterpreted. The “selected” people, who are given some authority by society, believe them to be “select” and superior and don’t shy away from misusing their authoritative powers to their own benefit and boast their selectiveness as their birthright. Some people live in this bubble, that they are select few which gives them every power to find faults in others and make their life miserable. Again, no one can be perfect. It takes a huge courage to respect the people along with their imperfections.

Things those seem simple in the first look; require more work to be done underneath. If you are really want to justify your being humane, have courage to step out of your bubble, respect other individuals and their choices, leave the decision to right or wrong to the law and governing bodies. Finally, live and let live!