Not a week has passed since the Valentine’s Day, people are still recovering from the after- affects. Love is in the air everywhere. But, how many actually feel the true love. And, for the true lovers, is one single day enough for expressing that love. After New Year’s Eve and Christmas, Valentine’s Day is the most wished occasion. How ironic, when there was so much love, valentine’s day was not so popular but now when  valentine’s day is so popular, true love is next to impossible to find.

The next amusing thing to observe on any valentine’s day is the sudden rush to get someone in your life. The next rush is to make things formal. If you love someone why would you take the risk to wait for months just to get your feelings known to the only person that you admire?  What if on the very day (Valentine’s Day) you are to find out that the same person is already engaged to someone else? So, here’s a piece of advice, don’t wait for calendar to change and after doing basic homework, go get it. But that does not mean that you think the person is only your trophy and the only reason that he/she should say no to you should be her/him being engaged with someone else. If someone proposes me, I perfectly have all rights reserved to say ‘no’ on any reason known or unknown.

Also, not all relationships finalize. Valentine’s Day is also the day when half of the people are left heartbroken. Why would anyone wait for Valentine’s Day to break into someone the news for breakup, just because your girlfriend or boyfriend is the most happiest that day, that he/she would bear the pain sportingly. Well guys! Here’s the catch! He or she is happiest thinking about you people being together but the news about break-up would definitely come as a shock. Hence, break ups on Valentine’s Day or someone’s birthday is definitely a very bad idea.

There’s a thin line between friendship and something else. And if you are married, choose your friends carefully. Or at least conduct yourself with dignity. For a married gentleman, texting your female colleagues or friends on weekends or asking her to accompany you on your day off to trade fair or music concert will definitely not sound agreeable to your wife. When you knowingly or unknowingly start talking to this friend of yours on daily basis or try to match your coffee breaks with her, you are already crossing this line. For you these might be trifles, but for your wife or someone else it could be a big deal. All the more, you are creating a bad impression on your friend itself. No one likes married guys hitting on anyone or at least seem to be hitting on anyone.

Marriage is a beautiful thing. You could be married to someone with your will or against your will. Even, if your marriage was a result of any kind of unusual circumstances, that doesn’t give you license to ogle into people’s lives and try to treat your wife as wallpaper and keep adorning your life with one tryst or the other. Often married people complain that the certain person, who is involved with them in extra activities, gave them their consent and were partner in crime. But at the same time they try to be all happy and nice with their spouse always scared that their spouse would find out about these activities. Don’t you think, in these cases the responsibility lies mostly with the people who are venturing for new opportunities outside of their marriage? It sure does, and here married guys trying to hit on all the available single ladies are worth mentioning. Similarly, the thought of married ladies flirting with single guys is also horrible.

Love is in the air. Everyone is so happy and cheerful. But, how much of it is actual true love? And does true love actually need all this hype with all the gifts, dress-codes, celebrations. Is love only confined to just red color? If I love someone, not just one day, but my entire life would fall short to feel, express and live in that love. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want to celebrate our love with my ‘someone special’ on Valentine’s Day.