What is an achievement? Is achievement getting your biggest wish fulfilled? How would you rate the thing that you want the most as more important than the thing that you needed the most? Is there any end to what you want and what you need? Sitting on my couch I am thinking that I have achieved what I wanted. I have a successful career. A nice comfy home. A very special person in my life. I am my own boss. I exercise my own will in the smallest and the most significant of things in my life. And yet when I think about one happy moment in the past day, or past week or even the past month, I remember only blankness. Do these happy memories only include the expensive gifts that I got or the achievements consist of appreciations that I received at work. Or is getting more than 100 likes on my selfie an achievement? For many people it surely is.

If the above questions are making you think, then you are also stuck in a life when there is a small difference between living your life and fighting in a combat. We are in the age where a person’s joviality is determined on the basis of how many friends are connected to his social networking profile although he might not even know his own neighbour. We make friends after checking out their specs and also look out for warranty of friendship with them. Friendship also comes with terms and conditions applied with the disclaimer of warranty being void in case of physical damage. We date human beings as if we are on a shopping spree and check out what is in the store before stocking our rails and then choose the best to wear for the day. We do not refrain from checking if the color and shape would suit us and if the fabric is wrinkle free and minimum maintenance is required. We often don’t understand it is not the clothes we put on, it is us, just us that carries the value. Relationships are not the clothes that you can choose to fit you. Relationships are not even flat piece of fabric that you need to tailor to form a dress. Relationship is the air that you breathe in. It just exists with you and you live in it.

It is beautiful to have someone special in your life. It is a wonderful feeling to fall in love. But life strikes a hard blow when this love is tested with intricacies of this cruel world. When practicality embarks on the road of love, even the most mushiest of people fall apart. And it all happens when you gradually start believing that the love is the only thing that exists in your fairy tale of a life. After a span of time, it is not even love anymore. It is as if nothing else is there to be done apart from loving each other. You become distant from everything else. A word of caution! You are definitely hitting the wrong note here. There is so much you are missing out. The greatest thing that you are missing out is your ‘self’. The key to turn your life around is to be able to strike a perfect balance. Your love-life should never ever pull you down. It should rather be your support system. It should be the shoulder you cry on. On the contrary it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t change or adjust a bit for your loved one. Being selfish would never help.

It all comes down to this. If I am someone being envied by many, I wouldn’t consider it as an achievement if on most weekends I end up crying myself to sleep. I would rather be a person next door, valued by friends, cared by family and loved by my love. Then I would consider it my achievement in life when I am able to strike a perfect balance.