Life throws different challenges on us. Each phase, each moment in life is a journey in itself. We stumble and fall and then get up and start again. And this is how life goes on. Each journey either rejuvenates us or leaves us more corroded. And we keep on sifting through these hitches to reach some place for something; but we are not sure what it is. We spend our entire life running, pushing, sprinting blindly for something that we would realize after some years, wasn’t even ours to fulfill.

Most of us start our journey in this universe by bidding to someone else’s wishes and end this journey with nothing but leaving behind a lot of things to be done by someone else. Our entire life we try to fit in and exist in the places where our physical being exists but we don’t. We switch roles, we play different parts. In one life that we live, we live many lives. We change and adapt to the changing times. Our expectation change with time, and the things expected out of us also change with our expectations and demands. Those who do not adapt to the changing life are not able to cope up with the transition from one phase of life to another.

Given a choice, I would want to change for better but what if I am not given a choice and things are out of hands before I know; there is risk of something being terribly wrong. On one side it is good to be able to accept the change as inevitable condition. But sometimes it is perfectly safe and appropriate to say ‘No’. When the change in the circumstances is forcing you to change, not only you can disagree to change but you can also change the condition to forcing you to accept that change and altogether change that circumstance. This contemplation is not easy and involves difficult decision making. It is very easy to foresee and accept that the things are out of hands and nothing more can be done to improve the present situation but very difficult to comprehend and form a plan to improve this undesirable situation.

Transformation is not easy. Often a spark initiates the need to transform. This spark transforms into fire which marks the beginning of a revolution. This fire engulfs all those who are connected with that thought or spark and transforms each individual from within. But only a handful of people realize this transformation and they are the ones who are the revolutionaries, the crusaders and martyrs. Rest of us just move along with the flow and spend our lives running blindly and don’t realize what our true destiny ever was. And one fine day, after our part is done, we go off stage and let the other people play their parts. We don’t notice the small things that may make a big difference. We wonder at the obvious and ignore the wonderful. And this is how the life goes on.