You know what is so amusing about painting. It does take some effort to pick the brush and color and palette. But once you start, there is no stopping. You just don’t want to put the brush down. You keep looking at your master piece and keep going on with the touch up. The strokes just don’t seem to be enough. But once you know that you have done your part, it is mesmerizing to think about what you have accomplished.

It is not only about the strokes and whether the painting is good or not. It is about letting go of emotions with every green, brown, blue, yellow or any stroke that makes its way on the canvas. It is not even the colors or technique or texture, it is about spending time with yourself. Each thing that is painted is a part of your life that was always buried deep within and is now flowing along with the colors. It is the beauty of painting that makes me think, how perfectly the colors seem to blend in one another as if one story is woven to another like an epic. Each stroke makes me think about the efforts I am putting into the day to day activities of my life. And often I pause and look at my work so far and get carried away with the memories of my own. And then I come back and add something else on the canvas. It is the beauty of painting that once the color is on the canvas, no correction can be done. It is just there and cannot be removed. It makes you change what you had been thinking so far. And suddenly you have to come up with a new way to blend that unwanted blotch. There are no mistakes in painting because mistakes are supposed to be corrected or rather mistakes are mistakes because they are to be corrected. But while painting, correction is either hiding those blotches by blending them with the surrounding by using more colors or transforming them into something, wherein we build our work around them where they become the focal point of our painting. Doesn’t it happen with us all time? Either we want our blotches to be hidden or come into focus.

The beauty of painting is how the imperfections never matter. Everything is perfect in its own right; it just depends on the way you look at it. Don’t the paintings speak their own language? Each time you look at them, there is always something different to observe and contemplate. And when you are working with the brushes and colors or even the pencils, you also tell your own story and break the lash that was holding you back. This is the beauty of painting, although it takes effort to start, but painting in itself is so soothing, so relaxing and so effortless. It is not even about colors or monochrome. It is not even about oil or acrylic. It is just letting go off your fears. It is reviving your soul, it is searching for the true you and yes, getting yourself back. So the next time, when you feel like painting or sketching, do not wait to enroll yourself to classes or worry about how it would turn out to be. Remember being human beings, it is something that is inbuilt in us. This is first thing that we ever started doing, even before developing the language or writing. So, get your colors, brushes, pencils, sketchbook ready and just start. It doesn’t really matter how it turns out be. The only thing that matters is, by the end of it, you’ll wonder it really did changed something and you were able to fill that empty canvas.