One fourth of the world is celebrating and half of the world is confused as to what to make out of the results for general elections for world’s largest democracy, the other one fourth doesn’t have any clue at all. Lot has been written and even lot has been said about the new wave of Indian Politics. One thing that is certain is that masses are now speaking the different language. Gone are the days when people used to crib about so many things not being right and so many things just being wrong. We fight back and yes, we strike back!

It is not even about politics anymore. Leaders get elected. Elections come and go. Governments build and fall. It is more about the conditioning of thought process that general masses are going through. Till now, India was pictured as a country where approximately 70% population used to live in rural areas. The shocking part for intellectuals conducting this endless debate on progress and growth is the role that technology and social networking played in crafting the path for this new ideology. And in this so called rural country the usage of cellphone and internet changed everything. The pioneers of inventive scientology have always used Indian ground space to experiment on their prowess to reach the consumers and dump their products to gain market backbone. These forerunners also think that they control India’s economy and never stop to pass on verdicts on country’s internal affairs, be it country’s foreign policy or relations with the neighboring countries. People of India welcome guests with open arms. They welcome others to feel part of the rich culture and extensive Indian Heritage. They do not deny visa on the basis of family name, attire, faith or color. In a country where country’s law hasn’t passed the conviction, who are the other governing bodies to decide the offence.

It is very easy to be the judges and keep throwing small verdicts in our day to day lives, but what is difficult is keeping up a calm and steady pace and be focused to set an example. There are two ways to react. Offensive and defensive: Offensive reaction often marks the inner weakness where you want to strike back before enemy gets a glimpse of the weakness in your house. Defensive reaction is often mistaken for weakness but in truth indicates the strength of character and the intensity of substance.

A dormant volcano doesn’t cause any disturbance, but when it erupts, it engulfs everything, destroys life to the last particle only for life to be conceived again. It is true with every revolution. There is a small spark that marks the beginning of a revolution and then that revolution forms a volcano and changes everything that comes in its way and creates the ground, only to set off foundation for new beginnings.