Many of us slog through our lives complaining about so many things that are not right. We judge everything from movies, to politicians, to players, to relatives and to friends. And we judge ourselves too. We want to bring change but often we try to find the reason for that change to happen in our lives. We dress up and dress down for the occasion. We make up and go for make-over for someone. But in all this, we forget one person who is the closest to us. Who we need to nurture in order to be able to live. We forget our ‘self’.

Often we run after material, we don’t go for substance. We want to chase our dreams but follow our desires. We want to change, but crib about so many things not being right. Isn’t it important to be the instrument of change yourself?

Life throws so many surprises. Some surprises leave us off guarded but some surprises leave us bemused. It forces us to wonder that it was so easy to take the opportunity and be part of something that would change your life forever. Miracles happen, but happen because of so many things that make it happen. All that is required is to start with just a small step that would make all the difference. It takes a lifetime to think, but seconds to initiate. And this initiative would always pay off. This thought is a crime in itself. When we want to do something for our ‘self’, the only thing that shouldn’t cross our mind is expectations. There is a very small difference between expecting something from yourself and framing an objective or a goal. Expectation may or may not lead to disappointment. But, goal would always help to be able to stay determined and focused. Expectations should better be left for others whom you trust.

Although, it seems really difficult to bring the change whether small or significant. And ‘hard work’ and ‘determination’ are those heavy words in the dictionary that always wade us off our targets. Everything eventually falls in place when that small step is taken. You yourself become the instrument of change and initiate that small beginning, after mustering the immense courage that it requires and bring about a new environment in which you don’t have to complain. It sounds difficult and impossible but here we are not talking about conquering the world either. It could be something that may be small and insignificant to someone else but for you, it may matter the most. And if something matters you, you should be the one initiating that small step to be able to live in that moment when it is yours, otherwise no other option than to fret!