space time

Human race evolved millions of years ago and even before that, life evolved. Even before life evolved, earth and the solar system came into existence and even before that, the stars, the galaxies and this universe evolved. And the universe is still evolving. It is outside, everywhere and at the same time it exists within us. It is within us all. The one thing that is constant in this ever changing universe is TIME. The one thing which cannot be measured without being relative to something else. The time that is one dimensional but is the 4th dimension in the space time context.

So, if something that can be seen, exists? Not always. Maybe this thought is so mediocre. But what if we believe something to exist and it is not there? The discussion on space time is never ending and world is divided into two parts in this debacle. We humans have now reached a saturation level and now forced to believe that we have reached the peak of evolution. But, there is still the other part of the world that believes that this phase of evolution is still the beginning and human race has a long way to go.

We have heard not more than ten times that the world is going to end and everything is going to vanquish in some or the other disaster in the past 20 years. Does this mean that we are anticipating that our universe, in our case the earth and the earth’s ecosystem can bear our burden no more and is going to collapse any moment? Or are we forcing ourselves to think that human race has reached the peak of evolution and would evolve no more.

Often we mistake the change in our behavioral pattern for evolution. But evolution is much more than replacing horse carriages by airplanes. In the past two thousand years, there has been, but slight difference in our IQ and intellectual capacity. But, our societal behavior has gone through a tremendous transformation.  And our society will transform even more in the coming era as we step into more advancement in technology and science. We give technological advancement much credit for everything these days and treat science as something that is the instrument of technology. But, On the contrary to general belief, science has never been the instrument of technology and it has always been vice versa. Science in totality gave birth to technology. Technology has been the instrument of science. Science always existed. As we are moving forward with so called advancements, we are able to understand science more and are coming closer to unravel the secrets of nature and this universe.

It is yet to be seen where the human race would evolve to; however, we would not even exist to foresee the future of the human race, but would still be part of this universe in some form or the other and even if would not exist in space but we would exist in Time, the one dimensional entity or probably the only dimension then.