I was reluctant to make this journey. It was not because I am not fond of travelling, but because of my nausea of Railway Stations. Although, railway stations have changed a lot, but the feeling of commotion, the usual hustle-bustle and the chaos remains the same. The train would not leave the platform for next twenty minutes and I still have to find my coach. I light my cellphone screen and search through the message sent from Railway ticket booking. By now, I remember my coach and seat number by heart, but because of my irritable state at that moment, I still see the text again just to reconfirm. I quickly find my coach in less than five minutes. Suddenly I realize that I forgot my i-pod home. The thought scares me as the surety of feeling bored in a four hours journey dawns upon me. I glance through the platform. There is a fine book stall not fifteen feet away. I go to that book stall to find a fashion magazine. It is not that I consider myself a diva and follow fashion to the last season couture, but when you are travelling and not in a mood to read, you can at least look at the pictures. Glossy pages do make you feel good.

Isn’t this the world’s most evident mockery? The things that are glossy and superficial attract us the most but mostly leave us with unfathomable pain and a feeling of deep longing. A book attracts my attention. I pick it to read the summary at the back of the book cover. The book seller is quick in saying that it is indeed a nice book. It is a historical literature set hundreds years back. I decide to buy the book. As five minutes are left for the train’s departure I quickly move towards my coach and find my seat and yes, it is the window seat. After travelling alone for so many times, I have got a habit of booking window seats wherever I can (Airplanes and trains alike). Aren’t we always like that. The things near us and within seem boring and we are always interested in what is at the outside. It is the same with me too.

I put the curtains of the window aside and let the sunshine come through the glass panels. At first, I pick the magazine but the book catches my attention again. I open that book and start reading. From the very first page I am intrigued by the thought process of the writer. This book surely speaks about unconventional topics and topics that are often considered taboo in our society. It speaks about how the life of the protagonist, the woman is decided by men in every step of her life (from her birth to her death). It also mentions the dilemma of relationships, of marriage, of love, of family and of politics. Although this book is period literature and set hundreds years ago, I can relate to each scene, each page in the present day. I am surprised to note this fact that we haven’t changed much since then.

After good two hours when my mind is befuddled with the thoughts and I can take no more of agony, I close the book and shuffle it into my bag. I look outside the window and try to occupy my mind with the passing trees and roads. That is the beauty of travelling by rail, the journey itself becomes an experience. After a while, the view also does not interest me so I close my eyes trying to relax. But I feel the sunlight blaze through my eyelids, so I close the curtains and try to feel comfortable. All the nausea of railway station gone by now! I am comfortable in my journey and living in the moment. I am enjoying this journey now. Only till the time, I stop over at my destination and prepare myself for the next fight, another experience that’ll make me nauseated again and over again.