Mind and Universe
Mind and Universe

This universe gives us so many signals and passes on so many hidden messages. Most of the times these messages are lost in the hustle bustle of our daily lives and we are unable to perceive the true meaning. Often we go after material and do not care about the substance. We barter in relationships and value the “things”. In all this, our true existence and our true identity is lost somewhere and when something happens, we are often left aghast and not able to co-op with our own surroundings. Suddenly it dawns upon us that something did try to communicate to us and did try to prepare us.

No matter how much we learn and uncover the mysteries of this universe, there would be a major part, unfathomable, immeasurable still hidden from us, not only because these mysteries are endless but also because we are not ready to accept the non-existence of knowledge. And knowledge is something that cannot be defined in any way and can only be related to the context. Similarly, our universe can also be defined in our context. Our universe is different in different stages of our lives. And then there is this supreme universe which engulfs everything which had always existed and which will always be there.

How often do we have this eerie feeling that someone is following us or someone is watching over us. Probably many times, knowingly or unknowingly. Also, without thinking we feel scared, we feel rush of excitement, we also feel sense of being secure or insecure. Somehow, our mind knows how to react to signals sent by this universe and it processes those signals and reacts.

Those who have known the power of concentration or meditation would be able to relate to the experience that they have had while meditating. During meditation, our mind speaks the language which was never known to us. Which our conscious cannot translate to anything verbal or non-verbal but somehow we know. At that time our subconscious supersedes our materialistic being and tries to find the true substance by communicating with the power of supreme universe. At that time we are no name, no status, no position but are identity and instrument of this universe. At that time we are like a bridge between our universe and the supreme universe. We might be visibly asleep but are awake to the full light. This is the light that has no match and which has the might to absorb us completely within itself and expose us completely to the power of this universe.

Isn’t it true that in our daily lives, we by pass so many things that mean so less to us but might have major impact later. Well… it is more about opening your mind some more and be ready to accept the natural knowledge. Your mind is really the store house of and hard wired with so much knowledge. You just need to focus on the right things and listen to the signals while hearing through the noise. Important and significant seem to be the same. But something might be important to someone but not significant to you. You just need to know the difference!!