Start and beginning, two words but apparently the same meaning. Although the meaning is same in literal sense but the difference lies within. Beginning has an end. Whatever begins, begins with a future to end. But start has no end. It definitely would stop at some point but would never end.  A feeling of love would begin and a relationship would start and a relationship would also stop, but it would never end. The thing that ends is the undying love.

Beginning does not command any control. But start requires some efforts at the least. Start requires you to begin doing something and to begin something you need to start somewhere and even if you decide to stop at some point, the beginning that has triggered the chain of events, has already set things in motion and everything would just go on until it is the very end.

As compared to beginning, a start has modest impact. Whenever, there is a beginning of something, we start on with one or many things for our lives to go on but life itself begins with a start and we move through different phases and start and stop at many points but we never look upon our beginnings. Either we want to forget or unconsciously we do forget our beginnings, always!

We invented “start” because we always wanted things in our control. We always negated the power of “begin” because we feared being controlled by the sense of not being able to control something that would immerse our complete being within. We are living with “starts” of our lives because we know at some point, when we do not need them, we can always go for a “stop” and move ahead and find a different “start”.  Isn’t it some cruel vicious circle? Aren’t we all trapped in this course of starting and stopping many things around us? Don’t we applaud the starts? Don’t we fear the starts? Well…we never seem to acknowledge the sense of beginning which engulfs us in every way possible. Start may seem to be pricy to initiate but beginnings are priceless!

Life and love begin only once, nevertheless with a “start” and “starts” do have their seemingly modest beginnings.