Celebrating does not only mean acknowledging something good that has happened. And it also does not only mean marking some occasion. Celebrating is about feeling happy and proud. Don’t modest beginnings and successful results call for celebrations? They sure do. And world’s largest democracy has more than one reason to celebrate. It is not only about MOM reaching Mars. It is also not about the Indian Prime Minister giving speech at Madison square in the USA. It is about the feeling of accomplishment. It is about being modest and being connected to the roots and at the same time aim for the skies.

IndiaflagThere have been speculations about India and the position of India in the global picture, but now, this picture has changed a lot from what was a decade ago. India is a brand now. India is a system. India is an organization, which might be fuelling the global establishment with its power of youth and so called “demographic dividend” in the near future. Indians should be proud to acknowledge the immense presence of resources as well as the intense market coupled with the purchasing power. Indians are not craving for benefits and subsidies, they want to be empowered.

India has a vision and that vision is aided by our youth and our leaders. We have gained the power of being able to identify our leaders and being able to follow them and lead ourselves to fabricate the path towards our development. And with development, it is not only economy and finance, it is holistic development including being empowered and being able to hold our heads high and feel proud of what we are.

We have woken up to be a part of country that is now ready to embrace the change, the evolution which would gain momentum in the years to come. The spark has started. There is fire too; which would start yet another revolution. The next century might just be all about India and see India as the developed country which would never stop developing.