Most of us who have fallen in love at least once in our lives would agree that this life and love in particular is not a bed of roses. It does hurt. But this same love heals too. Being in love is a wonderful and intense feeling. It gives the ability to push all the boundaries and do the undoable. It gives a taste of power and at the same time softens the toughest of hearts.

In the fight between brain or intellect and the heart, most of us believe that intellect is always right but heart maybe wrong. When intellect or brain completely supersedes the heart, we have very less humane left in our human being. We completely give in to our whim of self-importance and our vanity. But love warms us. It gradually drives us away from the negative forces. Our smiles brighten because of love. Our eyes sparkle because of love and indeed our hearts beat because of love.

Love is not bounded to relationships. It is imbibed in all of us in one form or the other. Those who have the passion to give to the society know and are able to translate the feeling of being loved and sharing love. But there are some who are still stranger to this unfelt gist. Love enables life. Because there is difference between living, and not dying and love makes life worth living.

So the next time when you look at your reflection in the mirror, feel the power of being loved and sharing love and see that bright smile bring sparkle to your eyes which would warm your heart because it is our responsibility to spread love. It is true that love hurts but it also true that it heals too!!