“Quest it is, and quest it would be. I must go on to find the solace, and embrace my inner being with my purpose in life”


Lot is said and lot can be said about solitary journeys and solitary holidays. Some people do prefer to operate alone. They have this feeling of being independent that they want to emphasize more. Some people are scared of travelling alone. For some people, it doesn’t matter.

Every journey in life teaches you a lot of things. Being away from your loved ones, being away from their care and security you learn a lot. It is not necessary that you develop a habit of this isolation (well, some people still do), but you look forward to that warmth of being with your close ones. It is not the journey or the destination that matters, it is that feeling that you have when you have to commence something alone. In the beginning you feel scared of what to expect. But then with a heavy heart you start the journey, and then just move along. Not many people do that. Many people have a cold feet. But, many still just go on with it.

For some people solitary vacations are fun. It is a pass for them to be able to do what they always wanted to do. But does that mean that we do not seek company at all? Are these solitary excursions, actually isolated? Actually they are not. People often seek and find the company in strangers and at times in the known strangers. Some people try to find solace but some people appear finding solace. For some people it is a sheer diplomacy. It is a way to hide and is a way to conceal from others their true beings. It is like grained glass. You see something is there and you know it very well and you also know what and who it is but, you just cannot accept that you see it, because you do not see it in real sense. Hence, some solitary vacations are obscured and hidden and are not as solitary as they are made to appear. It is merely congregation of holidaymakers for whom source and destination is the same but paths different.

For some people it is a quest. A quest of finding the true sense of their being where they are. And a true sense of finding their purpose in life. A quest of seeking truth and connecting them to their inner being by travelling and seeing the world outside. Although the world outside is superficial and shallow. But few people do find meaning and purpose and the depth in this shallowness. For some people solitary vacations are a way of filling the hollow in their lives. Some find what they are looking for, some give up halfway and some go on in this quest, seeking the truth till they find their purpose.