Another year is about to end and another year to begin in a week. People have already started forming their new year’s resolution. Few would want to leave few of their addiction. Many would want to improve their quality of life. Many would decide on more materialistic targets. New Year’s is a time to contemplate. A time to revisit and a time to introspect. For many of us so many things are going to change. There are few years in our lives that are more significant than other years. And for some of us, this year would also mean something significant. Although the two weeks from December end to January beginning are retrospective. People think a lot. Make new plans and also put some plans in action. But from second week of January onwards, these plans and resolutions eventually fade out. It is not that people forget them, but somehow other things that are already part of their routine in life, take priority. And eventually these resolutions and wishes are lost somewhere in the daily hustle bustle.

Fifteen years back, when y2k boom had completely overwhelmed the world and people were scared and concerned and mesmerized by the buzz of 21st century, no one would have imagined the paradigm shift the world would go through. The changes that the world has been experiencing in the past century is nothing as compared to the changes that the world has been experiencing in the past decade and a half.

Each day we find something new coming up. Each day we find that we might have to learn something new around us. We do not resolve to do certain things just on New Year’s but we unknowingly resolve to do a lot of things day on day. We live our wishes and fuel our desires each day. We plan and put them in action each day. We add something new to our lives whether good or bad each day.

The time is just flying by and day on day, week on week and month on month we are struggling to keep up pace with the years that are passing by. Another year would come and pass by. Another week and it would be a Happy New Year for a day and then business as usual as everything goes on and we move on because everything different either fades out or becomes part of routine in our lives.