Another year and Christmas celebrations are going on and would go on till New Year. There is another reason that Christmas is very special for this blog. Christmas Eve was the day when this blog was started. Every year I set new milestones and new target for myself. And our readers have helped us achieve those targets day on day and week on week. Now that this Journey has commenced to its fourth year, I reflect upon the time when this blog was started. As it happens with many things, the start is always a humble spark, but slowly the fire takes over everything. And the thought of this blog also started with a coffee break. And not just any other coffee break but a team break of a wonderful team who really worked and carried themselves as a team against all odds. A message to all, who have concerns about team bonding and those who implement various team working formula out of the book but do not really see the impact; Team work or team bonding is not that complex. The more you make things simple, and the more you make things obvious, the more reachable they feel.

So back to the story, yet it was supposed to be just another coffee break, but it turned out to be really good ice breaker. Each of us shared something, some of our passions and hobbies with the group that we were following apart from our office work. Surprising thing was none of us saw each other in that light before. We were all personnel of the company till the time we got together and shared about what we liked and what we followed. And each of us learnt to appreciate and respect our fellow friends more as we all learnt to respect each other’s individual identity that day.

For others it was one thing or the other, for me it was reading and yes writing. Although books are our best friend. But, with time the habit of reading was losing its charm. I have used the verb form “was” because blogging and availability of online content has enabled people to relive the beauty of reading and because of this today people are reading more. And now after three years I appreciate this fact more. This blog was started as an intention to share and refine the process of communicating the thoughts but gradually it became a journey. It started as sharing of thoughts, turned into reflecting the thoughts and then eventually a healing process. Yes, it is true, if painting, dancing or singing heals, writing heals too. Because writing can inspire, conspire and influence too.

Stories are remembered because all that is remembered is a story and every real story is a tale. And thank you for reading this tale. The spark has started, the torch is lighted, let the flame live for not just three but many years to come. More milestones to be set and another target to be achieved. A thought has started with the first voice of redemption, let the journey now begin.