blogwedWe all say that journeys do have some destination. All journeys are destined to get over at some point of time. But, there comes a time when we go through something very important in our life and that journey seems to transform into another phase and we also transform. This transformation is the new phase in life, where everything feels just the same but there are so many things changing around.

Is it the nerves? Or is it the casual sense of getting something that you desperately wanted and that now is already yours. So many things unfolded on the way. So many things thought through and so many not ventured. And still after all the hustle-bustle when you steal few peaceful moments for yourself, you tend to ponder upon what is going on. You feel part of new life and the new life has already absorbed you in little bits and gradually it’ll immerse you altogether and you’ll be part of it truly. The transit would be gradual, at some point seem-less and at some point evident. There would be a time when old habits would be a thing of past. Soon, you’ll realize it is not always about taking a sharp U-turn but gradually making your way without disturbing others and also making your presence felt at the same time. It is a journey filled with mysteries and questions. So many myths to be negated and so many knots to be resolved. But time would be the best instrument to answer everything.

On the way you’ll pick new experiences and learn new things and each experience will leave you either elated or with bitterness. Just be focused, be alert, be humane and have feelings. Understand others, their expectations and their pain and most important keep a cool head. Do not loose yourself. Retain your identity in line with respecting others. This is not the final destination. The new phase of life has just begun and there is lot more still to do.