It is a general idea that marriage brings a lot of changes in a guy’s life but it does too for a girl. And that too a lot. And then there are those initial days, when even the world biggest failures at household would bestow there valuable advice on you at every step. People are judgmental and they have their own presumptions. They automatically assume that you wouldn’t know a single thing and still expect that you do everything. How ironical, isn’t it? And very irritating too.

After the grueling honeymoon period (with or without the honeymoon), one fine weekend you decide to take the command and tackle the situation by using your exceptional organization and time management skills that you always use impeccably at office. You make mind maps and gantt chart in your mind for the household tasks. Suddenly the phone rings, someone from the house picks it up. The conversation ends and he or she breaks the good news. And with happy faces looking at you, you come to know that we would be expecting guests the next day. That too, not the happy helping kind (or at least, with in those happy and contented kind’s company). But, the ones with so many questions, so many advices and so many comments (snide remarks rather). This phenomenon does not help because you are expected to start making chapatis or serving meal as soon you step into the house, because guests have already raised their concern ten times at least about the new bride not returning from office yet and it is going to be nine o’ clock in fifteen minutes (already dinner time, huh!).

You feel tired and enter into the house. The water in the sipper that you carried to office already finished few hours before and you feel thirsty and sweating and you go inside the kitchen to fetch drinking water. Once you put the glass down, someone swiftly looks at you with smiling face and says “I thought you came to make chapatis”; “Fine, now I’ll make them too and get done with it. At least once dinner is done, everyone would disperse and I can go and take rest too. ‘Me time’ already shoved out of the window. I try to visualize the scenario when their son would come home. The water would not only be already kept at the coffee table but he would also be asked for tea and the platter with meal would be served to him in his hands or on the table in front of him. Their son is not expected to enter the kitchen at all, off course, in fact a son entering in the kitchen and trying to help his mom, sister or wife is frowned upon. How ironical! Again!

The other cultural shock is when you look yourself in the mirror, you feel like the perfect exhibit for the before and after piece only that it is vice versa, before one is better than after one. God! All the newly weds in daily soaps or the once who upload their photos on facebook, do they even exist? At least the facebook ones do. Now that you are through this phase itself, you know the truth. Even those facebook ones don’t upload their photograph daily. There are days when you are just you, but mostly that does not happen. And with a deep sigh you go to sleep each night only to wake up the next day with fresh batch of disappointments and new struggle and comments and taunts that try your patience, no matter what. Well, Welcome to the family!