As I walk towards my house, I see her tottering behind her mother. She is completely oblivious of her surroundings. Her mother is holding her younger brother in her hand. At times she tries to keep up with the fast pace of her mother and at times of her aunt who is also walking along with them. Although the baby is secure in his mother’s arms, no one is bothered if the girl child is indeed trailing them. Maybe she also knows it. Her speed becomes even more. The poor child deprived of nutrition seems weak. She is making every effort to silently grab the attention of the ladies clattering in front of her.
As we reach a fork road, the family turns towards left and I turn towards right, I am bound to think. Maybe I am making things up. But it is evident in everything everywhere that the discrimination between a son and daughter is happening everywhere. It is not even the case of uneducated families, it is almost everywhere. I was lucky that my parents raised me in discrimination free environment. Does that mean I would be able to raise my children without this social stigma? Well, there is no guarantee.
If we can give respect to the sons, why can’t we expect the respect in return. A daughter, sister and wife in me keeps on asking me, but I fail to get any answer. But what do we do about it? Does the small kid who pulls the hair of his sister for denying to bring his favorite toy from the next room knows that it is wrong? Does the father who scolds his daughter for wanting to study instead of getting married knows he is ruining the life of a brilliant academician? Does the filthy rapist know that he is not law and order to go teach every girl a lesson for wearing jeans? Does a husband know that his wife is not a magician who can do fifty things in 24 hours and still apologizes for more salt in a curry? Does a son know that his mother was also intelligent once and could give opinion on sports and politics?
I know and every girls knows their rights. But still there is always this “I am not allowed to. Mom will scold me. Dad will scold me.” It is as if those rights are as good as having no rights at all. People say that a girl is like a flower, to be nurtured and to be secured. It is just that we want this flower to blossom but we never want to water the plant. We just want it to be there like a decorative plastic flower. We want it to look colorful and vibrant but want to keep it away from sunlight and care, just locked away in four walls.
The daughter, sister, wife and a girl in me questions again and again but I still fail to get any answer.