The First Assertion

All about life and the first voice of redemption.

Delhi Rains – a world through the window pane

Monsoon is not just a season. It is a celebration. Welcoming rains and welcoming the life that comes along with them.

How much I wanted to dance with the rains but I refrained and looked at the water droplets from the window. Splashing over many thing, dancing and bathing in light and different colors. Giving different meaning to everything around. To some these rains are sad to some bad, to some life and promises.

IMG_20150624_192059Looks like the Christmas is near.















IMG_20150624_192452Everything at standstill, yet so lively. IMG_20150624_192752























A morning Sun and a morning Rain.






IMG_20150624_192944Cityscapes – washed away in rains.















IMG_20150624_193004Another morning and another beginning.






IMG_20150625_083240Might and Myth















IMG_20150625_083406Delhi rains through the window pane!!















IMG_20150710_081432The silent spectator and observer through the years.















IMG_20150710_082701The Rains…















IMG_20150710_092833Artificial or natural–no matter, the world is so beautiful!!


























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