The First Assertion

All about life and the first voice of redemption.

Facets – a window to the outside world

This is a photo feature of capturing differnt facets of life on the lenses.

IMG_20150528_080043_497 Facets – heights and below…















IMG_20150612_182919In the Blazing light…















IMG_20150712_163844In the Shade…















IMG_20150611_131049On way ahead….And forward…















IMG_20150529_082539_531 Life through a window. So many things around that we ignore. The new world, the world that is older. Amalgamation of cultures, thoughts and ethinicity.














IMG_20150601_184401_580Bridge – why don’t we have bridges in the places where they are most required.





IMG_20150717_133904_718Upright in time – old memories















IMG_20150601_184455_427 Old and new





In this stressful life we never pay attention to small and big things around us. Often we just crib on repetitive things. And in all this hustle bustle we forget the important but apparently insignificant things most of the time


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