24 Gerberas, a fresh take on relationships and the confusions surrounding them in young hearts. The story is baked and ready to be served. Gear up to read not a story but an experience that would stir you, make laugh or make you cry.

Writing a novel is an engrossing task. I still cannot believe that i have finally decide to shed it off my hands. After starting with small posts on this blog which was started using WordPress, one fine day the decision was made that there was more to the story than couple of posts. And hence, the thousands of words arrayed together to form a bunch. 24 Gerberas is a bunch of flowers, each flowers has a story to tell. However same story in a different way. And those small parts form a entire novel. It has been close to my heart since years and it would always be but now that I have let it out, I can sit back and relax.

It almost live