As our population rises to all time high
Our spirits also rise amass
As we commit to our country’s prosperity
Do we ponder upon matters so crass?

We hail the values of culture and purity
And of cleanliness and authenticity
Make our ‘Bharat’ ‘Swachh’ and ‘Make in India’
But do we accept our Culpability?

Is there a cure, when no disease?
Is there a disease when no acceptance?
Is there an acceptance, when no awareness?
Is there an awareness, when no pretence?

We boast of our ethnicity too deep
But have eyes set on the future
Our feet shackled to the ground
Would we ever break the stupor?

Our women tattered, our youth confused
And yes, abandon human resources
Resources, either wedged in eating matters
Or, rigged in opinions and voices

Is there a progress, when no change?
Is there a change, when no fire?
Is there a fire when no spark?
Is there a spark, when no desire?

System is not right, we say
But aren’t we part of the system?
We want to be like the ‘G8’
Only our women fast, it is our custom.

We are empowering our people
Giving them free opinion and voice
Live according to others, or don’t
Is it truly a life by choice?


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