First of all, Happy Anniversary. It has been four years through this journey and I am sure, this journey would go on with some more thoughts, some more introspection and some more reflection. Hope everyone had a good time on Christmas. The celebrations have just begun and will go on till the feeling of New Year fades out. Now, a major work has started. To formulate the New Year resolution. Yes, that is the toughest part of the year. Now comes the difficult part. Many of us want to completely turn around our lives but for that what steps do we take. To shed those extra kilos, do we wake up early every day and exercise? To save that extra thousand, do we curb our urge to ignore the display on high end store and move on? Or do we read those pages that we always wanted to? Will power was old age excuse. These days it is more of circumstantial time management. The buzz words are prioritization, multi-tasking, planning. These do help. To some extent at least. But you know better what is good for you. Whatever be the case, do not ever lose yourself. When it is too much, sit back and relax. Give yourself time to ponder and then kick start it. Eat something nice, go near nature, and take a plunge. It is not at all necessary to do all the ten things that you always wanted to. But do things one by one. Take tasks one at a time with a light heart. End of the day, instead of ten unfinished things and a heavy heart, you’ll have satisfaction of completion of five or even seven things plus a lighter heart. Again, the most important thing, it is age old but true, slow and steady wins the race. Be steady. It is fine to be slow. Belief in yourself, trust me, you yourself know what is good for you.

Welcome the New Year with a promise to yourself to take care and nourish the person within you. Happy New Year – take care!

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