Yes I completed writing a book and now I am sharing my experience. Writing a book is a journey. Writing anything is a journey. You start with the string of thoughts and put them together on paper or a computer. And then weave and conceptualize the complete story around it. One thought leads to another and another…and before you know it, there is a story in front of you!

And then you convert that idea into a plot and outline the story and start writing. Every day, every hour that you write you want to pour down your imagination and carefully detail everything in front of you. You live in that world for months and keep on creating that world yourself. You find that secluded corner, in your house or the coffee shop across the street and everyday try to take the time out to write and delve into that world. You order your favourite form of caffeine (for me it has always been tea instead of coffee) and a slice of apple pie or mango cake slice and relish every scene and sub plot and unconsciously sip tea and take small bites of cake or pie. After writing some few hundred words (by which time you have completed a dialog between the protagonist and one of the lead characters) you realize that the tea is colder and the pie is unfinished. You quickly finish the remaining tea in one gulp and the pie in two-three spoonful and stare at the laptop screen. Now what?

Now you have to be committed with writing, giving time and effort each day to complete what you started. But it seems like a mammoth task with a day job, home and too many things going in your mind. Your brain doesn’t seem to fit in everything so easily. Eat some almonds daily and take care of your diet. True who thinks about diet when you are so engrossed in something that you love. Trust me, you’ll need all the nutrition in those post production tasks once you complete the manuscript because completing the manuscript is only the work half done. After which you’ll have to perform reading re-reading your manuscript a lot of times. You might end up rewriting a lot of it and add a considerable percentage to your word count if the word count is still your worry. Then there are post production tasks such as editing and proof reading. But wait! Aren’t that what your publishers would do? Well…surprise…surprise…getting to publishers is also a project in itself. But don’t worry you can start congratulating yourself even after finishing the manuscript because that is also something which only few would achieve.

Till the time I am able to write about my post production experience (which I am still struggling with though) stay committed to writing. There is a lot of awareness about writing than was ten years back so you’ll not feel alone and unsupported. Welcome to the world of book…ah! Writing books!


After reading a lot on the internet about ISBN and copyright applications and replying on forums, I want to write something to guide budding writers on getting their work registered in copyright office and obtaining ISBN number in India. Please wait for the next post. Till then Happy Writing…