After reading a lot on the internet about ISBN and copyright registration in India, I felt like writing my experience here. So your manuscript is already complete. Till now you have been an artist paying full attention with dedication to your work but now it is time to turn the game completely around and step into the world of business. Then you struggle with numbers. There are publishing houses who take full responsibility of taking your work to the readers. But, trying to get a publishing house itself is a big challenge. Now, this post is not targeting to that part of the story. Rather it is targeting to mention to essential part of the publishing process. Applying for copyrights registration and ISBN in India. First the copyrights.

For copyrights, you just need to fill in the online copyrights registration application form online on the website After submitting the form, you would receive acknowledgement. Just take a print out of the acknowledgement. Now you need to mail a copy of your work, print out of acknowledgment and government id proof to the address mentioned in the acknowledgement. Your application would be in 30 days mandatory wait period after which it would be reviewed by the copyright registrar and once everything is ok you would receive the confirmation that your work is registered with the copyright office and falls under India’s Jurisdiction. In additional to this, a detailed workflow is also available on the website which is fairly straightforward. Also, you can check the status of your application online from time to time which the diary number which you receive in the acknowledgement.

Now comes the ISBN. For ISBN, you need to download a copy of ISBN application form from the site In India, ISBN are managed by Raja Rammohun Roy Agency for ISBN which is a subsidiary under Ministry of Human Resources and Development. Once you download the form just fill in the details, enclose the cover page print out of the book, a copy of photo id proof and a self-addressed envelope with enough postage stamps. Put in your signatures and mail those to the mentioned address. After few weeks you would receive the ISBN details.

These are simple, easy processes. All you need is patience. Plan your things. Plan each step. Trigger the applications on the right time and you’ll never have to worry about all this red tape. Again, Happy Publishing!!