The First Assertion

All about life and the first voice of redemption.

The Highland Hooves

The splatter of the first shower
The clip clop of the far off hooves
Fairy tale in a modern world
In the woods, a shadow moves
A lone soul in the midst of green
A feeble sound and a wavering hope
Disconnected chords of realism
Rolling stones through a highland’s slope
Everything that goes away and comes back
Everything belonging to or not
An old trunk in a worn down hut
Older fear and erstwhile distraught
And it comes to a stop with a crunch
In front of the dried up pier
The magnificent rider, the trophy
Of the waiting austere


4 comments on “The Highland Hooves

  1. taurusingemini
    February 18, 2016

    Reblogged this on JUST the Unwinding of Thoughts and commented:
    Encounters of the Philosophical Sort…

    • Neha Jain
      February 22, 2016

      Well…I am searching for the philosophy of life. How about I write a sequel to this poem?

      • taurusingemini
        February 22, 2016

        That would be really nice, if you’re able to, come up with a sequel, looking forward to it!!!

        • Neha Jain
          February 23, 2016

          I loved the sequel. Now the poem itself is telling me the story. I might end up writing up the series šŸ™‚

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