Now that you have got all the copies of your book printed, it is a crucial moment. Yes! to plan for a book launch and tell the world that you have made it. Book launch can be done in different ways and on the different magnitudes. Some people would prefer a cozy café while some would prefer a bookstore or a library even. While doing a book launch always keep few things in your mind.

  1. The venue should match the theme in the book.
  2. Prepare to give something away (souvenirs) such as book marks, flyers.
  3. Prepare a guest list.
  4. Plan to read few lines.

Before the D day you should be prepared with all of the above. But carefully choose on which day all of this would happen. I chose a weekend, a Sunday evening on which my close family and friends were available. And planned to organize it in a café cum ice cream parlour as few of friends came with kids also. I had got bookmarks, posters and business cards also printed in advance. A good idea is to choose a place where the staff has experience of organizing such activities or at least they are supportive in organizing such activities.

When you reach there, put the stack of books on the table. It is ok if people around you do not take interest but look interested. They might be silently watching you. Carry a good quality pen and some spares. If the people are directly buying from the launch, they would also expect you to sign the copies. Ensure to click picture of every single person. You need to designate someone to do this task. Start with a small speech about the book and what triggered that bug or idea. And then invite others to ask questions. Choose a punch line that you’ll always stick to. No body wants to hear the complete story. Select something that would instigate the other people around to buy your book then and there. After this invite them to buy the book. Set up a counter and designate someone to handle the cash and sit back on your table to chat away with people who have come to get them signed. Ensure to thank them for their time and coming to honour the occasion. Always give them some spare book marks  or some small customized gifts that you have got made. Lastly thank everyone and toast to your achievement and call it a Day!