Maybe this is just a regular Happy New year and Anniversary Post. Maybe every year is the same. But what changes with every New Year is Us. With time the things we like take a backseat and sometimes few things become a lot more important to us. This year I realized for the first time that often growing up in life brings its own challenges and you tend to procrastinate the things that you like doing. It has been a trend since the past four years that this blog has churned out an anniversary post precisely on 24th Dec, the day when this blog was conceptualized. Since then there have been bouts of seriousness coupled with days of laziness. Who says there is no writer’s block for bloggers? For the first time in the history of my blogging I feel like going through the journey and flickering through the pages of this blog. So far Journey series has been my favorite. And its place only recently taken by “the Highland Hooves” which I plan to extend as a chronological anthology in the next year. If I say that it is my New Year resolution, I won’t be able to achieve it ever.
Each post has a reflection of my thoughts, my mood and my feelings and hence, the category Reflection. These reflections are also how we react to situations and how we perceive the society around us. And then comes the New Year, the change of the calendar year and there is always a sense of loss and self-declination with a list of things that we could not achieve in the past year. And with a hope that we would be able to achieve most of the things from the New Year’s resolutions bucket. But those resolutions only last few months or few weeks. A lot of things take priority.
It has been so difficult to write this single post. There were years when this time of the year I would sit back, relax, and then throw in a post or two. But now, life has so much in store. What with handful of work and a lot of things to finish off every day, posting something on the blog has been a challenge lately. And quite recently I have become a person of few words (did anyone notice the gender neutrality). A true sense of equality can only be achieved by gender neutrality. Well, all things said and done! This post has been more of a moody person’s musing. The year that passed by surely increased numbers in my age but it made me more aware, intelligent and mature. In spite of my sense of non-capability, I cannot deny the accomplishment of the previous year. Now I know the New Year has a lot in store for me. New surprises and new challenges. New work cut out for me. New stories to tell, new poems to write, new thoughts to reflect upon.
Few known and unknown people have been with me throughout so far and I know few of them would always be there. Let us tell our stories, gain from each other’s experience, be a support system to each other. Let 2017 begin and be the year of stories. Because a story is not just a story. It is a piece of someone’s life. It is someone’s bygone experience. It is not only something to relish, it is something which would make you think. From a story of an eight-year-old kid who wants a bicycle to a person travelling alone to goa. From a story of a girl about to get married to a complete stranger to a man who has recently lost his wife. From a small girl’s safety completely neglected by her family to an office goer who is intrigued by a tea seller’s financial marvel. It is everyone’s story that needs telling and then retelling with a different fervour and flavour every time. Because stories are something that everyone connects to. So let us start telling our stories and light a spark!! Happy New Year Folks!! Stay warm, Stay Blessed!!